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Jar Pack

Convenient sized 3.5 ounce jars of the 11 Pantone Mixing Bases + Opaque White. These inks will stay open on your equipment but dry hard on the sheet. Southern Ink will readily mix with most other oil...
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Mixed PMS colors (Blends)

$25.00 - $41.00
Blended PMS colors made with our Southern Ink bases. Excellent drying and stay open properties. Choose the color you need blended from the Pantone Formula Guide and we'll do the rest! You concentrate...

Pantone Blending Colors (Bases)

$18.00 - $36.00
Southern Ink Pantone Blending Colors offer you the best of both worlds. The drying capabilities of an oil-base ink with the stay-open properties of a rubber-base ink. Our inks are proven to perform...

Letterpress Dense Black

$14.00 - $30.00
Southern Ink Letterpress Dense Black is a rich, deep printing black that is formulated to have the drying capabilities of an oil-based ink with the stay open properties of a rubber-based ink. This...

New Arrivals

One-Off Blends

Unique One-Off Custom Blends packaged in 8 ounce tins. Limited quantities available, several colors to choose from. Specially mixed inks that will make your job distinct. Stay open ink with superior...

Black #7

$12.00 - $28.00
Black #7 is great as a Dense or running Black. It is made by adding 20% PMS 877 silver to Pantone Black. The addition of the metallic silver adds opacity to the ink and gives it great hiding ability...

4 Color Process Bundle

$72.00 - $128.00
All of the 4 Color Process Inks in a convenient bundle. The Bundle includes Process Black, Process Cyan, Process Magenta, and Process Yellow. Your choice of 4 sizes of containers to fit your need...


Dense vs. Neutral Black

Dense vs. Neutral Black

Which black ink do you need?  Well it depends on what you're going to be doing with it! You would think that black is black but not exactly....If you've looked around on the website you'll see th …
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Mass Tone vs Printed Color

Mass Tone vs Printed Color

Sometimes we get calls to say that the color the customer received is not the color they ordered. Although we wish we never made mistakes, it does happen (rarely :)  But sometimes, it's the mass …
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