Q: How do you ship your orders?

    A: We currently ship the majority of our orders via USPS. The cost is fairly reasonable, and they usually get it there pretty quickly. We are working on setting up an option for expedited shipping on the website. Until then, you can reach out to us and we can quote you a price for other options.  

 Q: What is your cut-off time for an order to be shipped the same day?

    A: Usually noon...but there are times when the mail guy shows up later in the afternoon or (unfortunately) earlier in the day. Rest assured, if we can get your order out the same day we receive it- We will. Remember though that federal holidays when the mail doesn't run will delay the order being shipped.

 Q: What are your inks made of?

     A: Our inks contain renewable vegetable oils and depending on the ink, a small percentage of petroleum oil.  They clean up easily with mineral spirits or other mild solvents. 

Q: Will your inks mix with other brands/types of ink that I already have?

     A: Our inks mix readily with most other brands or types of ink. You may notice a small difference in certain properties (stay open, drying, etc.) depending on the percentage of Southern Inks that you mix with other on-hand inks.