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Oops, we made too much

Just like the title says... Multiple colors that had overruns. Same great ink you're used to but at a reduced price. There's a little bit of everything in the list so take a minute and look around, you might just find the perfect color for your job!...


$20.00 - $24.00
Pantone 18-1750  Color of the Year 2023  Viva Magenta. From their description: A shade rooted in nature descending from the red family, a brave and fearless red shade demonstrating a new signal of strength. Powerful and empowering. We are...

One-Off Blends

Unique One-Off Custom Blends packaged in 8 ounce tins. Limited quantities available, several colors to choose from. Specially mixed inks that will make your job distinct. Stay open ink with superior drying.

Black #7

$12.00 - $28.00
Black #7 is great as a Dense or running Black. It is made by adding 20% PMS 877 silver to Pantone Black. The addition of the metallic silver adds opacity to the ink and gives it great hiding ability. It has the same stay open and drying properties of all...

4 Color Process Bundle

$72.00 - $128.00
All of the 4 Color Process Inks in a convenient bundle. The Bundle includes Process Black, Process Cyan, Process Magenta, and Process Yellow. Your choice of 4 sizes of containers to fit your need. These inks will stay open on your equipment but dry hard...

DayGlo Package Deal

Our DayGlo Package Deal gives you all of the 7 base Neon/Florescent colors by DayGlo for a discounted price. Packaged in 3.5 oz Jars. PMS 801 Blue, PMS 802 Green, PMS 803 Yellow, PMS 804 Orange, PMS 805 Pink, PMS 806 and PMS 807 Magenta. Add a little POP...
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4 Color Process Inks

$22.00 - $38.00
After repeated requests, we are now offering the 4 Color Process inks in 4 convenient sizes. These inks will stay open on your equipment, but dry hard on the sheet. Typically used in 4 color process to create images by the overlaying of screened inks at...

Ink Blend Grab Bag

8 ounce tin of a previously mixed PMS or Custom color in your choice of color family: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gray, or Brown. Same great ink you've become accustomed to at a discounted price. No returns accepted 

12 Pack

$185.00 - $275.00
This bundle contains the 11 Pantone bases used to mix most PMS blends + Opaque White. Same great stay open and drying capabilities as all Southern Inks in a convenient bundle. Available in 4 handy sizes to fit your needs. The colors included in this...

6 Pack

$91.00 - $165.00
The 6 Pack Bundle contains 6 Letterpress Pantone blending colors of your choice. Use them to print or blend a multitude of colors. Our inks stay open in the container or on your equipment; but dry quickly on your printed sheet. Formulated with dry grind...

DayGlo Blends/Mixes

$33.00 - $46.00
Neon/Fluorescent Mixes/Blends are mixed with our standard Fluorescent bases from DayGlo. They dry hard on the sheet, but will stay open on your equipment. Give your next job a little POP!  Enter the PMS number you want in the text field and we will...

Metallic Blends/Mixes

$30.00 - $43.00
Metallic Blends/Mixes mixed with our standard bases let you offer your customers something out of the ordinary. Same great drying and stay open properties of all our Southern Inks. Enter the metallic PMS number you want mixed out of the Pantone Metallic...

18 Pack

$215.00 - $320.00
The 18 Pack contains 18 inks to allow you to mix literally thousands of color combinations. All of the inks have excellent stay-open and drying capabilities; and are proven to perform on all types of equipment. Southern Ink is consistently trouble free,...


$245.00 - $395.00
This bundle contains 19 inks including Pantone bases for mixing, our Southern Dense Black, PMS 877, and PMS 872 gold. You also get 6 empty containers of your choice, a box of large or X-large disposable gloves, and 4 ounces  of "Full Bore" hand...

Jar Pack

Convenient sized 3.5 ounce jars of the 11 Pantone Mixing Bases + Opaque White. These inks will stay open on your equipment but dry hard on the sheet. Southern Ink will readily mix with most other oil or rubber based inks. These base colors will allow you...
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